Bland Diet

We recommend feeding a bland diet during times of gastrointestinal upset, as these diets are less likely to cause further irritation and are very digestible. Your pet will be on this diet until they have 3-4 normal days with no symptoms. After that time you will transition back to their regular food over a period of 7 days. You may purchase a canned or dry diet through our hospital or you can make your own bland diet at home.

The home cooked diet is comprised of 2/3 cooked white rice and 1/3 lean boiled meat. Select the leanest ground beef or boneless, skinless chicken breast and boil it until cooked all the way through. Strain the meat and rinse with warm water. Combine the meat and white rice and store in the refrigerator for up to three days.

We will make specific recommendations for you pet regarding frequency and amount of food per feeding.

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