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An annual health check is something that most of us don’t think twice about attending for ourselves. However, it is vitally important that we extend this same courtesy to our pets too. Also often referred to as wellness exams, these regular appointments as designed with one thing in mind – monitoring your pet’s wellbeing. Unfortunately, many owners fail to realize just how important attending wellness exams really are. In fact, many owners think that since their pet isn’t obviously sick, wellness exams are a waste of money. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Ensuring your pet goes for regular wellness exams could prevent her from becoming sick and could even save her life.

Why are wellness exams so important?

If you haven’t had a pet before, you could be forgiven for not understanding how beneficial they can be. Nevertheless, there is a range of reasons why it is crucial that your precious animal attends these appointments.


Accelerated Ageing

One of the most important things to remember about pet ownership is that nearly all domestic animals age much faster than we do. For example, one human year is the equivalent of around seven canine years. This means that by the time your dog is around eight years old, she is around halfway through her life. However, this also means that her health will start to deteriorate much sooner than you might expect and that any illnesses that she could be suffering from could potentially develop much more quickly.

Hidden Symptoms

Animals are naturally pre-disposed to trying to mask any vulnerabilities that they have. This includes illness. Therefore, you may not even realize that your pet is unwell until her condition has become quite serious. However, regular wellness exams can often identify health problems that may be developing early on. This enables prompt treatment and could prevent any severe consequences, as well as saving your pet from unnecessary pain and suffering.

Preventative Care

No responsible owner wants their pet to suffer from illness or disease unnecessarily. Fortunately, many of the health problems which can affect our furry friends are entirely preventable thanks to advances in veterinary medicine. Annual wellness exams are an ideal time for your veterinary team to ensure that your pet is up to date with her preventative health including parasite protection and vaccinations.

Save Money

There is no getting away from the fact that veterinary bills can be very expensive. Unsurprisingly, the more invasive and extensive the treatment your pet needs, the costlier is it likely to be. Preventative care, prompt diagnosis and treatment can enable you to save money on veterinary costs.

What will happen during a wellness exam? 

Exactly what you can expect to happen during your pet’s wellness exam can vary between veterinary practices. However, typically the following tests and services will be carried out.

  • A physical examination of your pet’s body

  • An assessment of her joints and joint function

  • An examination of her abdomen to check the size and position of vital organs

  • Checking her respiratory rate

  • Checking her heart rate

  • Assessing her weight

  • A set of blood tests to look at internal indicators of animal health, such as how well her immune system is working and if her organs are healthy and functioning as they should

  • Urinalysis

  • Fecal testing

  • Heartworm testing (dogs)

  • Checking for parasites and advice on parasite prevention and control

  • Dental cleaning

In addition to the above, you will have a consultation with your veterinary team who may ask questions about your pet’s care. This isn’t a judgment, but an opportunity for your professionals to tell you which changes you could make that may be beneficial to your pet. This could be a different diet or a change to the type of exercise your pet gets.

If you would like more information on pet wellness exams, or if you would like to schedule an appointment for your precious pet to be assessed by our experienced veterinarians, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment at our veterinary offices in Slingerlands, NY today.


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