Why You Should Microchip Your Pet

You want to do everything necessary to be a responsible pet parent. That includes staying up to date on vaccinations and using flea and heartworm prevention medications. You also need to add microchipping to the list. Microchipping your pet is one of the most important things you can do to protect him.


Microchips Mean Your Pet Always Has His ID


No matter how careful you are, you could become separated from your pet at some point. He might break free of the leash or run out the front door when you go to get the mail. Having a collar with an identification tag isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be reunited with your pet. The collar could fall off during the escape, or if it’s old, your contact information might not be legible. When you microchip your pet, he always has his ID on him. Whoever finds him just needs to visit the vet to have the chip scanned. This is true, even if your dog turns up on the other side of the country. Vets have access to a national database, so you can be reunited, regardless of the location.




Unlike ID tags, microchips are designed to last for your pet’s entire lifetime. You don’t have to worry about replacing it. This is the low-maintenance solution to protecting your pet. If you need a little reassurance, your vet can scan the microchip during regular appointments to show you that it’s still working. This will give you some additional peace of mind.


Fast and Easy Process


You can have your pet microchipped right in the vet’s office. The microchip is injected under the skin, and it only takes a few seconds. This is much faster and easier than shopping for a customized collar.


Proves Ownership


You’ve likely heard some horror stories about people stealing pets. Sadly, this is more common than you might think. A microchip can prove that you are your pet’s rightful parent. Your identifying information is in the chip, so the thief will be forced to return your furry friend. That will be a huge relief if someone ever tries to take your furry family member away from you.


Reduces Stress on Shelters


Far too many pets with loving homes end up in shelters. Well-meaning people find pets after they’ve been separated from their owners, and after failing to reunite them, they take them to local shelters. Shelters scan pets before admitting them to the shelter. Those who have microchips get to go back with their loving families. However, those who aren’t microchipped go into the system, and the shelter tries to place them for adoption. This puts an undue burden on shelters and puts stress on the pets and their families. Get your pet microchipped, so he won’t have to spend time at a shelter.

Microchipping is a safe and effective way to protect your pet. Contact The Animal Hospital in Slingerlands NY at (518) 456-0852 to learn more about microchipping or to schedule an appointment. You can also schedule an appointment online. 

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