Geriatric Care

The Animal Hospital’s philosophy is dedicated to a prevention program to promote optimal health for your pet. We strive to determine the best regimen whereby your pet’s health is maintained by following a “wellness.”

As a part of this program, we encourage the use of the geriatric blood profile to assess your dog’s or cat’s physical condition as he/she ages. By taking a small blood sample and submitting it for analysis, we are able to identify some internal organs’ early aging processes, and even take steps to slow the degenerative processes with proper nutrition and medical support.

If your dog or cat has reached the respected middle age of ten, we will offer you the option of having us test your companion as described. For giant dogs, we recommend that the blood profile be tested by the age of seven years. In some cases, we may suggest a thyroid profile as well for dogs and cats at risk for hypo/hyperthyroidism.

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