Hospitalized Pet

Whether your pet is scheduled for an elective procedure or surgery, or needs to be hospitalized because of illness, we understand that you may be concerned about leaving your friend. We want to do all we can to make you and your pet as comfortable as possible. Please feel free to ask any questions or share any concerns you may have.Hospitalized Pet

When your pet is checked in, we will ask you to designate a person to receive information about the patient’s progress. Please ensure that this person is available at all times should we need to get in touch with you. This person can then relay information to the other members of the family. We will also collect contact information, provide you with an estimate, if requested, for the currently expected procedures, and obtain a signed consent for treatment. A technician will admit the patient, and answer any questions you have about the planned procedures. A staff member will enter all the necessary information into our “paperless” medical records system.

If your pet is here for an elective procedure, such as spaying, neutering, dental cleaning, or diagnostics, you can expect a post-procedure call from the doctor or technician, usually by mid-afternoon. Please keep in mind that we see several patients for procedures each day, and we want to make sure all our patients get the attention they deserve while here. For most procedures, patients are discharged the same day. We will ask you to schedule an appointment time for your pet’s discharge and a technician will go over any discharge instructions and necessary medications.

If your patient is here for hospitalization or intensive care (ICU), you will be called with updates at least once daily, and as changes occur in their condition. The patient will be medicated and monitored throughout the day by our technicians and doctors. In addition, a staff member will be able to provide you with a daily financial update.

Occasionally, a sick patient may require intensive monitoring overnight or after normal hospital hours. In certain unusual situations, this may also be necessary after an elective procedure such as a surgery or dental procedure. As we do not have 24-hour staffing available, we can facilitate transferring your pet to the Capital District Animal Emergency Clinic, which is fully staffed and always open the hours that we are closed. They are a Level 1 emergency and critical care facility. If a transfer is recommended, you will need to pick up your patient at our hospital and transport your pet to CDAEC. This is because the critical care center will need to have you there to expedite admission and meet with the doctor. We will foreword all necessary medical records and be in direct contact with them throughout your pets stay there.

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