Puppy-Proofing Your Home

Don’t leave cigarette butts or ashtrays where the puppy can get them. If eaten, cigarette butts can lead to nicotine poisoning.

Secure electrical cords to baseboards or make them inaccessible. If your puppy chews on them, it can suffer electric shock burns and may even die.

Keep holiday decorations out of your dog’s reach. Crushed glass holiday balls can result in nasty cuts in the mouth and intestinal tract. Also tinsel and other string-like decorations can cause obstruction.

Never burn candles where they could be reached by a pup. The flame can attract them and will burn.

Keep cellar doors and upper story windows closed. A curious puppy is as vulnerable as a young child.

Don’t invite other pets to your home until your puppy is fully vaccinated to protect from others diseases.

Dispose of bones and other garbage in a puppy-proof manner. Bones and rich fatty foods can be life threatening.

Be careful with craft projects. Needles or pins and other instruments can be very damaging to your pup.

Always keep anti-freeze out of reach and cleaned up. All dogs are attracted to its scent and taste. It is very toxic.

Use pesticides and rodent poisons with caution. These toxins must be kept out of reach or never used; they can be dangerous for your pup.

Avoid using flea collars, flea dips, and other preparations on your pup. Many of the over the counter products are not recommended for puppies. Ask our staff about other safe alternatives.

Keep your puppy away from toxic plants. Rhododendron, Japanese yew, and lily of the valley are some of the common plants found in or around a home. Also, peach pits and cherry pits can be toxic if eaten.

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